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Bio-Xplore Final Capitalization Conference in Jerusalem
4 December 2014
Dear Colleagues & Partners, I am glad and proud to invite you to the Final Capitalization Conference of the Bio-Xplore project.
The morning of lectures and an expert round table discussion are scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 4, 2014
at the Gottesman Hall in Hadassah Academic College, Hanevi'im St. 37 Jerusalem.
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1st Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-2013)
17th - 20th April 2013
BioXplore Poster presenting midterm results of the project at the “1st Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-2013)” that took place in Cyprus
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Is Israel the Holy Land of herbal remedies?
7th March, 2013
Within the boundaries of Israel you will find a range of climates that create a variety of habitats and allow for thousands of plants to thrive. There are many plants from the area that are already used inherbal remedies. Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, reported that an ongoing international survey has found dozens of new plants throughout Israel that may help in the treatment of several different types of diseases
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Revealing herbal remedies in the land of Israel
22nd February, 2013
What do the Palestine Oak, Terebinth, Golden Chamomile and Mediterranean Stinkbush have in common?
They are all plants that grow in Israel, and parts of them have the ability to act against bacteria.
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Bio-Xplore interim conference takes stock of project achievements and discusses way forward
12nd, December 2012
Bio-Xplore (Bio Exploration - Novel methodology for the Identification of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Mediterranean Flora), a standard project focusing on the identification of commercially valuable natural compounds derived from the flora of the Mediterranean area, recently held its interim conference in Spain (Terrassa, 16th November 2012). This event allowed all partners to review project progress and pave the way for the second and last year of implementation.
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Bio-Xplore interim conference
Bio-Xplore interim conference to be held in Barcelona on November 15-16, 2012.
All Partners and Associate Partners attended. Successful consortium meetings held to review first year activities and plan for second year activities. The second day was open to stakeholders; the day included scientific lectures and networking among partners and stakeholders.
Interim Conference: Stakeholder's Programme Leaflet in English and in Spanish

English: pdf

Spanish: pdf
Student Exchange between Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem and BERC, Nablus,
Sept 18-19, 2012
BioXplore at World Environmental Day (WED) National Celebrations in Hebron,
27th June, 2012
Bio-Xplore at World Environmental Day (WED) celebrations at BERC-Til Botanic Gardens,
June 13th, 2012
Athens Conference : Agricultural Development after 2013

The Hellenic Regional Development Center (HRDC) attended the conference for dissemination of the Bio-Xplore project. click for the HRDC dissemination activity summary and Leaflet in Greek
Bio-Xplore Workshop, Palestinian Authority
July 10-12, 2012
Sixteen persons with different specializations participated in the workshop held at BERC, PA from July 10th through July 12th 2012. Two of the participants were attareen working with herbal medicine and have been practicing this job over the generations. One is a doctor of Naturopathic medicine,4 are University students, and 2 university lecturers.

Biodiversity and Environmental Research Center
(BERC), PA. BERC team included 6 students who had already experienced an intense training both in Hadassa Jerusalem, and at BERC. The workshop started on Tuesday July 10th at 8 AM. After a short introduction and welcome by Prof. Mohammed S. Shtayeh, all participants began their field trip to collect plants for bio exploration – they were instructed by Dr. Rana Jamous on how to pick plant samples, catalog and photograph them and how to select the parts of the plant that will be used for extraction. The field trip started with a visit to Abu-Khaizaran Farms (producers of medicinal plants for exportation abroad) in Jenin area, then the group went to wadi Al-badan near Nablus to continue collection, 19 plant samples were collected by the group (not much green plants were available because of the hot weather and dryness). On the other hand, one of the Attareen brought 22 plant samples for the most popular herbs in his shop, aiming to link the popular uses of plants with the screening results in the laboratory.

On the same day after returning to the lab Dr. Rana with the aid of the students taught the participants how to press plant specimens, and how to make extraction from the samples. Two out of 10 experiments were done on the same day. The day was very busy, exhausting because of the hot weather and ended at 6 PM. Activities of the second day- Wedensday July 10th began at 8:00 AM and lasted till 6 PM. The whole day was in laboratory for learning and doing more experiments. During the Day one of the Attareen gave a short presentation about the safety in using herbal medicine.

The last day was all about learning the 10 different experiments to be done on all the extracts. The participants were trained on all experiments and were very excited in recording the results of the screens.


Bio-Xplore Master Training, Israel
1-4 April 2012
First international workshop took place in Jerusalem and surrounding area on the first week of April 2012.
Participants from Greece, Israel, Spain and the Palestinian Authority enjoyed days full of activities, plants and fun.


Bio-Xplore Workshop, Israel
March 1, 2012
The first BioXplore workshop was held from February 26th through March 1st 2012 at Hadassah College Jerusalem and in the nearby area surrounding Jerusalem, Israel.

The purpose of this workshop was capacity building specifically ten students from Hadassah College were trained and had a chance to practice all the experimental procedures and methodologies needed to accomplish the scientific aspects of bio exploration during the BioXplore project. The goal of this workshop was to prepare these students to actively participate in the activities of the Israel Bio Exploration Center as well as support the international master training workshop, scheduled to take place at Hadassah College and the environs during the month of April. In this second workshop, the students will work together with the Project Manager and staff to train representatives from each of the partner organizations, in these same procedures and methodologies as preparation for further capacity building and setting up similar Centers in each of the partner countries
First workshop summary pdf


Bio-Xplore Kickoff Meeting
8-10 January 2012
The kickoff meeting took place on January 8-10 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Representatives from all partner organizations involved in the project enjoyed 3 days full of activities.
Kickoff summary pdf

The team meets on Jerusalem roof's top

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