Identifying Commercially Valuable Compounds in Nature
Bio-xplore project

Novel methodology for the Identification of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Mediterranean Flora

BioXplore is a project, funded by European Union under the ENPI CBC MED programme and is a collaborative international project which aims to promote socio-economic development and enhancement of territories in the Mediterranean Sea Basin area. The consortium, Coordinated by Prof Bertold Fridlender, includes partners from four countries: the Applicant, Hadassah College Jerusalem (Israel), The Biodiversity and Environmental Research Center (Palestinian Authority), Leitat Technology Centre (Spain) and the Hellenic Regional Development Centre (Greece) as well as two major associate partners: Rutgers University and North Carolina University (United States).

Based on technology developed the Global Institute for Bio-Exploration (GIBEX) the BioXplore project will establish the Mediterranean Hub of GIBEX (GIBEX-MED).
GIBEX has been endorsed by the World Health Organization as a unique model for scientific collaborations and cross border partnerships and its experience and network of partners will support the BioXplore endeavor.

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